The light at the end of the tunnel!

Yes, there is a light.....and I can almost see it! I would say I am 2/3 of the way through re-doing my pictures....yeah! Have listed a couple of new items.....taken pics of a few more! Am so excited to really get to list my stockpile of new merchandise.....all these one of a kind, unique, and Vintage treasures! Keep checking back, I promise they will be here soon! Remember, if you see anything in any of my shop update pictures from previous blogs that interests you, just contact me ahead of time, and you can get it for 30% off the...

Still a work in progress.......

Still plugging away at the pictures. Trying to get at least 5+ views of each item. I should have taken a photography class.........ugh! I apologize for some of the photos.......I tell ya, no matter how many tutorials I read, or videos I watch, I still cannot master certain colors. I have trouble with silver that has no other colors, and pastels, and for some reason purple! But I keep at it and hopefully someday all these pictures will look, at least, pretty good! I also managed to photograph a few new pieces which will also be listed this week, as...

Oops.....a little late on my update!

Sorry it took so long to get this update posted! A crazy, busy week here! Lots and lots of pictures....hope it is starting to look better. Still about a third to go. A couple of new listings added, as well as a few markdowns! Getting as much done as I can in between working the other job.....and it happens to be the busy season there......Easter, into Mother's Day, through graduations, and finally weddings! So I will do my very best to keep up....... Debbie <3

Weekly To-Do list

This week I have some custom orders to work on, so I probably will just be working on re-doing pictures and not getting too many new listings up.....though I will try! I do have some pictures of about a dozen new listings, it's just a matter of writing descriptions, measuring, and posting. So I will definitely shoot for soon! This is the busy season at my other job, specifically Easter though wedding season so my time is limited. Rest assured, I will work longer hours to get the items to you! Have a great week...... Debbie <3

.........and last but not least......the end of this batch of 30% off, "Get em' before I list em'!"