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Did You Know the Rare Alexandrite is the Alternative Birthstone for June?

Did You Know the Rare Alexandrite is the Alternative Birthstone for June?

  Did You Know the Rare Alexandrite is the Alternative Birthstone for June? Some months have more than one birthstone and if you were born in June, you're in luck! Besides the different shapes, sizes and colors of pearls which are this month's traditional birthstone you can add the colorful alexandrite to your list of birthday wishes! I know it has been a while since I blogged. But I have been busy! The website is completely finished....hopefully not a glitch in site! Now I am frantically adding merchandise, of which I have thousands of pieces! Check back daily for more! Debbie <3

This month little FYI.......April's Birthstone: Diamond

Diamond Mining in the U.S. The only U.S. diamond mine currently operating is located in Arkansas, where the diamond is also their official state gemstone.  They even have a state park with the policy of “finders, keepers” for any diamonds you may find while visiting! The majority of the diamonds sold in the U.S. come from many other countries including Brazil, Canada, Russia, and of course, Africa. Brief Diamond Background The name of the much loved diamond gemstone comes from the Greek words “adámas”, which means "unbreakable". Although there are man-made diamonds, natural diamonds are created under very high pressures about...

Spring Cleaning!

Sorry I've been MIA for some time. Mom was sick then passed away, so I have sorely neglected my shop. However, I just spent the entire day marking things down, moving things around, and doing general spring cleaning! Started listing NEW items as well. So much more to come........welcome to spring! <3 Debbie

Telling the difference between Antique, Vintage and Estate jewelry?

What are the differences between Antique, Vintage and Estate jewelry?   Antique jewelry is customarily defined as jewelry crafted more than 100 years ago. Vintage jewelry is usually identified with a particular era and includes the historic Georgian and Victorian, Art Nouveau and Edwardian design periods as well as the Art Deco, Retro, Mid-Century, Modern and Contemporary periods. The term “Estate jewelry” simply refers to jewelry that has been owned previously and is from any era. The beauty of antique, vintage and estate jewelry is that unlike contemporary styles, it is not available in vast multiples or quantities. It possesses distinctive...

New Facebook Group Page

I know friends! I am terrible about keeping up this blog....ugh! Just not enough hours in a day! I try, I really do. I have started a group page on Facebook. Same name as my shop, but for all to share their one of a kind and unique finds. And for others to shop directly from that page if they like. Here is the link if you'd like to check it out...... On another note, I have been madly listing.....trying to get more and more added every day for you to see and shop from. So check back frequently....