Antique Tunisian Persian Arabic Sterling Silver Pin Hinged Cuff/Bracelet

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     Antique Tunisian Persian Arabic Calligraphy Sterling Silver Pin Hinged Cuff/Bracelet. Hallmarked with what appears to be 4 heads facing right. It has Arabic writing on front. The cuff was hand made with over a 100 piece's even the rings used for the hinges were single rings. The hinge pin also appears to have some kind of mark that I cannot make out. My research says it could be a TUGHRA MARK 1700-1800'S OTTOMAN/EARLY PERSIAN piece. Tests sterling in an acid test, though weak, I believe it is .850 silver. It weighs over 25.5 grams, and measures approximately 2 x 2 5/8 inside diameter. Will fit a 7-inch wrist with some drape and up to a 7 1/2 inch without. In perfect working order. Tarnished, but otherwise good Antique condition!


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