Handcrafted Large Copper Brass & Genuine Pearl Floral Pendant w/FREE Chain

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Handcrafted Large Copper, Brass & Genuine Pearl Floral Pendant. This flower's petals were cut from copper and brass sheeting, sanded to remove sharp edges and shaped, then forged...hoping to give them some textured realism, annealed for color, then assembled with some brass stamen and a fresh water pearl in the center. Pendant measures approximately 1.5 -1.75" in diameter and has a hand wired copper bail on the back at center. FREE copper 18 inch chain with purchase!

If you have any concerns about wearing brass and/or copper jewelry for fear of oxidization and turning your skin green, here are some care instructions that will prevent this:

Wipe your jewelry piece with a soft cloth before you put it on or after you take it off. This is the easiest way to keep your brass or copper jewelry clean and to protect them from oxidation. Oxidation is what turns your skin colors. Keep your copper jewelry clean, it's as simple as that! Treat your copper jewelry as you would your expensive pieces of jewelry; wipe it with a clean soft cloth before putting it on or after taking it off. Personally, I wash mine in dish washing detergent at least once a week if I'm wearing them often. This helps remove skin care products, perspiration and oils from your skin which can contribute to the oxidation and dull their glowing shine. Be careful not to expose pearls or gems to the detergent.

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