One of a Kind Artisan Crafted Orange Purple & Silver Rosary

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One of a Kind Artisan Crafted Orange Purple & Silver Rosary. Cheery orange and purple glass beads, with silver fluted beads.....this will brighten up anyone's day!  All metal is silver-tone. One of a kind, handcrafted by Barbara Alqueseva-Paletta, July Artist of the Month! Orange & Purple silver rosary, crucifix, Christ, centerpiece, handmade, Catholic, traditional.
This Rosary will drape wonderfully, and because it is on a wire it won’t kink up like Rosaries made with chain!
The Wearing of a Rosary
Cannon Law S1171
Provides that sacred objects, which are designated for Divine worship by dedication or blessing, are to be treated reverently, and are not for profane or inappropriate use, even if owned by private persons
Reasons for wearing a Rosary!
A statement of faith!
As a reminder to pray!
To the Glory of God!

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