Vintage Brass Enamel Articulated Fish Charm Pendant

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Vintage Brass Enamel Articulated Fish Charm Pendant. This is a spectacular vintage three dimensional Miniature Enameled Fish Charm or Pendant. It is lovely shades of enamel in dark green and pale green, with an ivory color and gold, on a bronze or brass tone body. It is unmarked. The fish is articulated (I have also seen the term reticulated used) along the length of the body with individual rows of scales, which allows the fish's body, fins and the tail to move freely and bend back and forth (it wiggles). It is as much a work of art as it is a piece of jewelry; the fish is so very detailed and gorgeous. Bronze balls are placed along the spine below the top fin on the back. It is pre-owned, Vintage, in good condition. The bail was missing and I took the liberty of adding it to the top above the fin. The original was in it's mouth, but I thought hanging upright would be better! ;) It measures approximately 1 inch long by 3/4 inch high. What a great find for a Pisces or a fish collector.

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